• Saves Detergent
  • Causes no discoloration
  • Gives soft & hygienic wash virus

RO Ionics

We also offer an exclusive range of ECO which is fully automatic and available in 12-Ltr/Hr output cpacity

Euro Water


  • Health & taste enhancing device
  • 5 stages filtration
  • Hollow Fiber Membrane to remove bacteria &virus
  • Block Carbon: To remove Chlorine, Pesticides & Big Bacteria by ADSORPTION technology
  • Filters made in Germany

Eco Crystal Pvt Ltd , incorporated in 1999 is a Bangalore based company with a vision of providing solutions for water treatment with environmental friendly technology. Treatment with environmental friendly technology.

The company keeps itself updated on technology by continuous acquisition of know how from competent foreign partners. All the products of the company are of global standard in terms of quality and performance First international publication on company's product was in Appliance magazine of July '03 issue. Many international manufacturers of washing machines have shown keen interest in company's product.